It’s early February and the spring flowers are blooming. They started a few weeks ago. G-d is so kind to us. The middle of January is when the world is at it’s darkest. It’s bone freezing cold. Days are short and getting up feels like throwing off 2 tons of iron from your back in order to sit up straight.

These flowers, the fiery red Kalanit, the dandelion like Savion, and the bright purple Rakefet are the first sprouts of hope. They emerge from the depths of the earth and will stay until springtime is well underway.

It’s like that…

It’s day 35 of our lockdown. We found a way to get through it. About 3 kilometers away, there is a huge mountain, Givat HaMo’re. It has a labyrinth of paths, all different.

Even though it’s February, we have a small opening. For the next few days, it will be springtime weather. Shula and I promise each other to take our children hiking every day we can for the next two weeks. After all, they get up at 6:30AM on schooldays, why should this be any different?

It’s a lockdown, not an extended vacation.

They agree, but in principle. It’s…

How Jews and Arabs work together to make the quality of life in Israel better and increase longevity..

There is good reason why the Land of Israel is called the Land of Life.

Recent healthcare statistics concur with the Talmud, offering their second opinion in the affirmative on the Sages assertion that among the many blessings a Jew receives in the Land of Israel is long life.

According to Our World in Data the cost to each person of a year of life in Israel is lowest in the world.

Based on the per capita health costs per person divided…

By David ben Horin and Rachel Avrahami

The media likes to cherry pick facts to fit the story they want to tell. They reinterpret reality to paint people in the appearance of their choosing. There was a recent interview where the subtitles on the screen were quoting the person before he said the quotes!

They are quick to report on the ‘progress’ of the protests and their ‘struggle,’ but slow to report on how these protests prolong the spread of Coronavirus and keep half of the economy handcuffed, causing disproportionate suffering to the working and poorer classes — the very…

Naftali Bennett cannot get a good cup of coffee. Shopping in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda bazaar (the Shuk for those who know Jerusalem), he laments how long it takes for the barista to serve him a cup.

“I’m sorry sir, half our staff is out.”

“Is everything okay?” asks the Knesset Member.

“Half of our employees get paid less than what the government is giving to people who lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus Recession. They make more money to stay home than to come to work.”

What would you do for the next 11 months of your life? Serve…

I never thought it would be Alyssa Milano teaching me a lesson in manners, but there is nothing commonplace about the #MeToo movement.

Women are mad and we just aren’t listening.

The anger can be expressed in Carol Christine Fair, a distinguished associate professor within the School of Foreign Service at the Georgetown University who said “Look at [this] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement … All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine?”

That’s not simply anger…

David Ben Horin

Father, Husband, Writer, Coder, Hiker who loves Afula!

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