Regional Economic Development Finally Comes to the Middle East

A summit of ministers in Israel from Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates signals new regional economic development in the Middle East.


Dare to Dream?

Strong Forces Build Momentum for Regional Economic Development

  1. Iran. The stronger Iran gets through rising energy prices, possible sanctions relief, and an American need for a new source of oil, the more spooked Arab nations become. The more they perceive Israel as a new ally.
  2. America. The United States has abandoned the Arab world for Iran. For 70 years they were the military protector of Saudi Arabia. Thirty years ago they went to war over Kuwaiti oil.

Investment Opportunities



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David Ben Horin

David Ben Horin makes startups and small businesses the star of the show with SEO-optimized ROI-driven content. He also runs the Set For Life Investment Fund.