The Smart Money is Rootin for Putin

David Ben Horin
4 min readMar 2, 2022


What is happening in Ukraine? Forget the media and follow the money. Look at how broader stock markets are performing to find out what the people with the real information think is going to happen next.

Everybody loves the underdog.

When the game begins, we are hoping that some way the weaker team will overcome the odds and defeat the stronger opponent.

If the underdog scores first, the crowd goes wild.

Do you believe in miracles?

For sure. They happen.

Will it happen in Kyiv?

We have to wait for the favored team to get the ball.

Super Bowl XX

Super Bowl 20 was such an occasion.

It was in 1986, when you had a two week break between the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

The heavily favored Chicago Bears won 15 of 16 games that year. They were unstoppable. They faced off against an 11–5 New England Patriots. This was way before the Tom Brady era.

The Patriots were 10-point underdogs.

The Bears were so confident of victory, they even made a rock video. Check out this from December 1985:

That just made even more people want to see an upset.

The Patriots came out fighting. A minute and a half into the game, they were the first to score.

People began to ponder the impossible?

Could this really happen?

Then the Bears got the ball. They scored 44 uninterrupted points over the next 48 minutes to win the game 46 to 10.

The war in Ukraine has been waging for less than a week. Already, there is a 40-mile convoy of Russian troops, tanks, and heavy artillery massing around Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital.

The media is having a field day portraying Ukraine 2022 as today’s London 1940. They are digging in, fighting off the blitzkrieg.

They do that a lot. They pick sides. Once they do, that side is seen as the champion no matter what. Even reality won’t stop them.

What the Money is Saying

Does the money control the media?

The big money is in Wall Street and High Tech. For sure the money is manipulating the media.

Whatever. It’s not my job to judge or moralize about it. It’s my task to uncode it all.

Forget the media and their catch of the day.

Follow the money and find the answers.

Stock markets are not budging. The Dow Jones is UP from when the war began. So is the Nasdaq.

If this was a war the in-crowd thought would get worse, the markets would plunge.

Even in the face of $104 oil, that isn’t happening.

Markets shudder on uncertainty, but rise on stability.

What if people in the know, know that everything is going to plan?

According to what you see, Ukraine is winning this war. Just like you saw Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demolishing Donald Trump in October of 2016.

The facts on the ground tell a different story. Just because it’s not one anyone wants to hear doesn’t make it any less real.

That’s why those in the know are going in a different direction than those in the CNN Studios.

Markets May Rise

Vladimir Putin and his army did not think they would waltz into the largest country in Europe (outside of Russia) with a population of over 44 million people in a matter of hours.

They knew it would take a lot longer. It would take weeks, months if necessary. They didn’t plan for an overnight invasion.

They went in. NATO retaliated with sanctions. The Ukrainians resisted. They made a phone call and Belarus joined in the fighting. Biden started to raise his voice. Putin turned on his nukes.

You cannot mobilize a country with a phone call. Belarus was ready. All of this was planned. You cannot get thousands of nukes ready on a dime. Putin was playing chess on this for a while.

Seven days into the war and Russia is already laying siege to the capital city?

That looks like everything going to plan.

Oil is rising due to sanctions. Gold is rising from the inflation these sanctions will bring.

Stocks are stable, rising even, because it looks like Putin will have swallowed up Ukraine by the end of the month.

If markets take a turn for the worse, then look for Ukraine to shock the world. As long as the Dow gives the all clear, everything is going according to plan.

David Ben Horin is the developer and trader for the Endurance Investment & Trading Fund.



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